Let's Build a Parallel Economy with the World's First Ethical Currency.

Instead of a centralised private system creating money through debt,
or a competitive and sometimes energy intensive process of mining the currency,
Ğ1 is co-created equally every day, by all participating men, women and children,
putting human well-being firmly at the centre of a Ğ1 economy.

The Ğ1 Currency is a way to rethink money creation with...

Freedom as a Core Principle

Inspired by the Four Essential Freedoms of the Free Libre Open Source Software movement (FOSS or FLOSS), which respects the users' basic software freedoms to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software; Ğ1 currency is designed to respect basic economic freedoms.
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Decentralised Power Structure

Ğ1 is a fully decentralised currency, giving back the power of money creation to the people and introducing an innovative and secure decentralised identification system based on the certification of newcomers.
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Sustainable Blockchain Technology

Ğ1 is a crypto-currency powered by simple, secure, sustainable blockchain technology. It has been developed in a way that minimal computing power is required to secure its blockchain. Thanks to its innovative money creation mechanism, perpetual debt is no longer the way to create money. Producing at all costs is no longer an end in itself. Its Universal Dividend (UD) is also a step towards a more sustainable way of life.
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Money Co-Created by People, not by Debt

Anchored to human participation instead of debt, members receive a small amount of Ğ1 currency daily, automatically and unconditionally, through a Trust-free co-creation mechanism. This small daily amount is called the Universal Dividend or UD.
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Future Generations Taken into Account

Each generation creates the money it uses without impacting future generations. Thanks to the Ğ1 re-evalutation mechanism at every equinox, the young are no longer disadvantaged in relation to wealth creation.
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Community-Level Exchanges

Ğ1 is a worldwide currency empowering parallel, local and circular economies, as community-level exchanges are encouraged by design. Decentralisation gives you access to Ğ1 currency wherever you are located (city or countryside), without dependency on centralised infrastructure.
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Helping Social Economy Thrive

Ğ1 currency is a powerful tool for those whose work or endeavour generates value that is not currently recognised, remunerated, or profitable in the debt money system: artists, volunteers, nature keepers, mothers, fathers, carers, etc.
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How to get started?


Learn more and meet Ğ1 users


Create your own Ğ1 wallet


Trade goods and services


Become a Ğ1 co-creator

Ğ1 Currency is a way to rethink monetary systems. We encourage you to meet with other members to learn more about this new system as early as possible in your Ğ1 experience.
Cesium is an app for sending and receiving Ğ1 currency and managing your account. Download it and create a simple wallet. (a member wallet can be created later, if you decide to pursue this option).
Start offering goods and services online or at in-person events to receive some Ğ1 in your wallet. You can also post your offer on Gchange. Mention #Remote and #English, if there are no members in your area.
To become a member and start co-creating UD everyday, you must have your account certified by 5 other living women and men who are members. This minimises fraud in the Ğ1 system, and maximises community. No need to rush, your certifications will come naturally as you trade and meet with other Ğ1 users.

Connect with the Ğ1 Community


The main way to connect with Ğ1 users is on the Forum (which is mostly in French but an English one is coming soon!)

Events are listed on the Forum's calendar. Feel free to join to any online calls (often called "visios" within the French community) or local events nearby you. If there are none, just start one!

English Ğ1 communities are poping up around the world and creating their own social media channels. Join the global, English speaking Telegram group to connect with some of these communities.

Find Ğ1 users, local groups and events on the Ğ1 Map

This map is only available in French for now, but it's easy to navigate for those that don't speak french; Click on the blue button Afficher les Membres to show Ğ1 users on the map; Click on Événements to show upcoming local events; Click on Groupes locaux to show local groups; Click on Membres certifiés to show Ğ1 co-creators and finally on Comptes portefeuille to show all Ğ1 users. Not too much to it...