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Page accueil de la version française à reprendre quelque part (?) :

  • La monnaie libre
  • Repenser la création monétaire...
et l'expérimenter !
  • Un modèle économique plus juste et durable est possible.
Une monnaie libre place l'homme au cœur de l'économie et prend en compte les générations futures.
  • La Ğ1 (la "June") est la première monnaie libre. Conçue sur une blockchain écologique, c'est une expérience citoyenne, solidaire... et peut-être subversive !
1. Découvrir
  • D'où vient l'argent ?
  • La création monétaire en monnaie libre
2. Comprendre
  • La théorie relative de la monnaie
  • La toile de confiance et la blockchain de la Ğ1
3. Débuter
  • Ouvrir un compte
  • Les outils de la Ğ1
4. Contribuer
  • Rencontrer des utilisateurs
  • Participer

Encore une nouvelle monnaie
Une monnaie est un outil d'échange de mesure et de réserve de valeur.
Tout peut être une monnaie, c'est l'usage qui fait d'un objet une monnaie. Les céréales (dont le blé), le sel (d'où vient le mot salaire) ont longtemps servi de monnaie. Puis sont apparues les monnaies fiduciaires (basées uniquement sur la confiance). En utilisant la monnaie dette vous faites confiance aux banquiers.
Il faut se poser la question de la provenance de la monnaie. D'où vient elle? Comment est-elle créée ? Par qui ?
Une monnaie différente
La monnaie libre est créée uniquement dans le portefeuille des êtres humains vivants.
La création de monnaie libre est répartie équitablement entre tout les membres de la communauté, dans l'espace et dans le temps.
C'est à dire que quelque-soit le lieu mais aussi quelque-soit l'époque, chaque membre créé la même portion de monnaie, durant toute sa vie.
La même portion ne veux pas dire même quantité, quand la quantité de monnaie en circulation grandit, la portion créée par chacun grandit aussi.
Une monnaie relative
Il faut rester conscient que ce n'est pas la quantité de monnaie que l'on possède qui compte, mais la part relative de monnaie par rapport à la masse monétaire globale.
En monnaie libre on ne compte plus en quantitatif mais en relatif. On utilise une unité relative de monnaie le DU
  • quotidien.
    • La monnaie libre et ...
      • L'environnement
La Ğ1 n'utilise pas une puissance de calcul pour sécuriser la blockchain. La création monétaire par DU permet de ne plus passer par une dette perpétuelle pour créer la monnaie. Produire à tout prix n'est plus une fin en soi. De plus, le DU est une première marche vers un mode de vie sobre.
En savoir plus...
Laissez-moi la planche à billet, je me fiche de savoir qui fait les lois. Le privilège de création monétaire est un pouvoir. Répartir la création sur l'ensemble de la population est bien plus démocratique.
En savoir plus...
La Ğ1 est une crypto-monnaie, mais son modèle de création monétaire en fait une monnaie bien plus équitable que les autres cryptos. Les premiers arrivés ne sont pas privilégiés par rapport aux nouveaux entrants.
En savoir plus...
Généralement, les monnaies locales sont indexés à l'Euro. Ce n'est pas un changement de référentiel. Je suis pauvre en Euro, je suis pauvre en monnaie locale.
En savoir plus...

Welcome to Ğ1 currency, the world’s first ethical currency!

Based on the revolutionary work of Stephane Laborde (Relative Theory of Money 2010), Ğ1 is the first "free" (as in free speech), or "libre" currency, introducing an innovative mechanism for money creation, delivered through sustainable blockchain technology, encouraging decentralised, community-level exchanges. Instead of a centralized private system creating money through debt (state-run fiat currencies: euro, dollar, pound, etc.), or a competitive and sometimes energy intensive process of mining (cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), Ğ1 is co-created equally every day, by all participating men, women and children, putting human wellbeing firmly at the centre of a Ğ1 economy.

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Free as in "freedom", libre as in "liberty", Ğ1 currency drives sustainability & creation of value for human beings


Decentralize to share Power & Responsability

Ğ1 is a fully decentralized currency, powered by simple, secure, sustainable blockchain technology.
  • Running a node uses the same energy as a light bulb.
  • Nodes take it in turns to validate transactions eliminating competition/escalation
  • Providing a node is accessible to all members and is compensated by member donations.
  • Ğ1 is decentralized in that transactions function via whichever nodes are operating, naturally spreading power and control over the system across the community.


Co-create a World where everyone takes part

The mathmatical formula behind the Ğ1 currency’s equal co-creation, results in natural, gradual, wealth convergence over 40 years (½ the average lifespan). This solves many of the limitations that we encounter in other currencies:
  • Each generation creates the money it uses without impacting future generations
  • The young are no longer disadvantaged in wealth creation
  • Currency circulation is encouraged (you can save your Ğ1s but there’s no incentive to hoard wealth)


Increase your Freedom

Ğ1 is self-contained, not available for currency trading, and completely independent from other world currencies, so it is isolated from the impact of monetary policy, trading and speculation in and out of debt currencies ($,£,€...), avoids boom and bust debt cycles, and instead provides a stable unit of value as a practical tool for life.

Inspired by the Four Essential Freedoms of the Free Libre Open Source software movement (FOSS or FLOSS = "copyleft" GNU & AGPL licences), which respects the users' basic software freedoms to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software; free/libre currency is also designed to respect basic economic freedoms. You are free to use resources, to create and assign value. You are free to choose any monetary system and trade with its currency.
"Libre" is the French or Spanish word for "free", and is borrowed to show that Ğ1 currency is "free" as in "freedom" (not as in "free beer" LOL ...).


Develop your Creativity

Ğ1 free/libre currency is a powerful tool for artists, mothers, fathers, guardians, nature keepers, volunteers, or anyone whose work or endeavour generates value that is not currently recognized, remunerated, or «profitable» in the debt money system.

Anchored to human creativity instead of debt, members receive a small amount of Ğ1 currency daily, automatically and unconditionally, through a "trust-free" (ie without any third party having control over it, or the ability to impose conditions) co-creation mechanism. This is called the "universal dividend" or "UD". This is different from the concept of "basic revenue" or "universal income" where a third party administrator (for example, government) controls conditions for distribution of money to citizens.

In addition to receiving a daily universal dividend, everyone is free to trade products, services, give and receive donations, in recognition of the value they contribute, to make their living in Ğ1. Unlike the debt currency system, there is no need to keep running to pay the interest!

Now you can focus on creating and sharing your work and skills with your community!


Build a Local Economy

Ğ1 is a worldwide currency empowering local and circular economies. Decentralization gives you access to Ğ1 currency wherever you are located (city or countryside), without dependency on a centralized infrastructure.
  • This creates potential to solve regional inequalities – all you need is physical or virtual neighbours to exchange with.
  • The men and women you exchange with will decide the value of your product or service, and its viability in your region – not banks or investors.
  • Valuable voluntary work can be compensated

How does it work ?

1. Meet and Learn

Ğ1 Currency is a way to rethink monetary systems. We encourage you to meet with other members to learn more about this new system before you start using your Ğ1 currency. Take part in the FORUM(embed link) to find Ğ1 users nearest to you! Link map??? need to provide infrastructure to orient new people interested in new countries.

2. Create your wallet

Cesium is an app for sending and receiving Ğ1 currency as well as managing your account. Download it and create a « simple wallet ».

3. Trade goods and services

Start offering goods and services to receive some Ğ1 in your wallet. You can post your offer on Gchange. Mention #Remote and #English if there’s no members in your area.

4. Become a member

To become a member and start creating UD everyday, you must have your account certified by 5 other living men or women who are members. This minimizes fraud in the Ğ1 system, and maximises community. No need to rush, your certifications will come naturally as you trade and meet with Ğ1 users.

Connect with the Ğ1 Community

Events Calendar

You can find out about events coming up by checking on the Ğ1 free/libre Currency Forum. Use the light blue label "English". If there are no events nearby, you can participate in online meetings. You can also organize your own event and advertise it on the forum.
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