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Meet the Team

We are a team from all around the world working on making Libre Currency materials available to the English community. If you would like to join the team and help with the translation / improvement of this website, please click on "Join the team and contribute" below and fill up the form to request access to modification rights for this website.

Meet the team

We communicate on Telegram (here), or on the dedicated topic on the Monnaie Libre Forum (here). You can also reach out to the team members on their profile box below.
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    Notes from meetings

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    Notes from past meetings

    Notes from organizationnal meetings

    # Meeting on Aug 22nd 2022


    Subjects covered:

    Next steps

    # Meeting on Aug 8th 2022

    Catherine, Vivou, Colm, Sophie

    Subjects covered:
    • Welcome Vivou <3 G1 expert, mathematical and developer background, 1000th G1 member, joined 4 years ago.
    • History of translating this website:
      • hosting managed by Sophie (30 euros a year through Benjamin from Ethicit who is hosting non profits and friends on the side of his work. He is working a lot with the G1 community and Axiom Team)
      • Catherine joined early 2022 and like to create page with the flow of English writting rather than translating word to word.
      • Colm joined 2 months ago and is doing a tremendous work to review the content translated from French by Sophie.
    • Projets to work on:
      • videos to explain in a nicer way: how to join process in 4 steps / explaining the G1 in easy way to understand / ...
      • Fundraising to get donation for our work
      • Finding a good way to translate member / co-creator member / referent member

    Next steps

    • Review of the FAQ in the "to be reviewed by expert" status
    • Review Glossary when available if possible
    • Will ask Gecko developers about member wording when we clarify what we want to know

    • Write questions about members in telegram:
      • would it make sense to define what is a member (as of someone to join as a simple wallet) vs a G1 co-creator member (someone who co-create G1) vs Referent member...
      • Poll to know what people think of the different ways to translate is:
        • Co-créateur = G1 currency co-creator / G1 co-creator / G1 co-creator member...
        • Membre référent = Referent member / other ?
    • Review last FAQ
    • Review Resources page
    • Ask Yann about Fundraising + Create a Donation page in the website Contribute or improve the GetInvolved one ? Cf the French Page on how to contribute : https://monnaie-libre.fr/contribuer

    • OK/Send vidéos link for presentation
    • Ok/Send pdf for Sophie to make
    • Rework the 4 steps in the Get Started Page
    • Work on basics page if she has time.
    • OK/Add Vivou to group on Telegram.

    Next meeting Aug 22nd 5:30pm to 7pm.

    Video to be made

    Pages to be translated

    French version of the website : https://monnaie-libre.fr/
    Find below the list of pages to translate and the translation progress for each of them. If you want to update the translation progress status of a page, or if you want take the lead on one page to be translated, or join as a contributor for translating a page, just select the page in the list below and click on "Modify".
    The translations and modifications to be done are shown in the red box header on each page.
    If we forgot a page to translate, add it by filling the form in the orange section below.
    If you want to be notify of changes on this website, add this rss feed on your rss feed reader (like Thunderbird...) : http://yeswiki.ethicit.fr/?DerniersChangementsRSS/xml

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    Structure of the website

    • Introduction : Shows catchy information, sort of a summup of all the important things to mention in the first sight
    • Explore (not clicable)
      • Basics : To get more into technical details, basically, it should present information from the pages Découvrir and comprendre from the French version ?
      • FAQ : cf French FAQ, but maybe to organize it differently ?
      • Resources : Medias, videos, articles, useful links... There is also a good website that does the job and that is ready to get the english version directly on it : https://infojune.fr/. Does it make sense to have a dedicated page of usefull links on our website then ?
      • Glossary : see Lexique on the French version
    • Get Started : to give the basic information on the step to get started. Could be named "Start" or a different name ?
    • Get Involved : To connect to the community, through social media, forum, map of members, and to invite people to join a team for expansion of G1 internationally ?

    Other pages not in the menu
    Should we add a donation page ? Cost for this website is 30 to 50 euros a year (depending if we do 1 or 2 websites).