Helping Social Economy Thrive

Ğ1 currency is a powerful tool for those whose work or endeavour generates value that is not currently recognised, remunerated, or "profitable" in the debt money system: artists, volunteers, nature keepers, mothers, fathers, carers, etc.

Unlike the debt currency system, there is no need to keep running to pay the interest! Valuable voluntary work, stewardship, problem-solving and creativity can be compensated. Indeed, as you co-create the Universal Dividend everyday, you can focus on creating and sharing your work, skills and care with your community.

There is also something about Ğ1 that you can only feel when you join and start exchanging your Ğ1s. The permanent creation of money, alleviates the fear of the future, and encourages a behaviour of collaboration and mutual aid. People tend to be really generous and donation is a big part of the Ğ1 community's culture. You might often find people making a donation to thank someone else for their work, for organising an event, a visio (online talk / discussion), or just because they are happy to donate without anything in return.