Future Generations Taken into Account

Each generation creates the money it uses without impacting future generations. Thanks to the Ğ1 re-evalutation mechanism at every equinox, the young are no longer disadvantaged in relation to wealth creation.

A Relative Share of Money

Ğ1 currency is created only in the wallets of living human beings. The creation of Ğ1 currency is distributed equally among all members of the community, in space and in time. That is, no matter where or when, each member creates the same portion of money, throughout his or her life. The same portion (number of UDs) does not mean the same quantity (number of Ğ1s): when the quantity of money in circulation increases, the portion created by each member also increases.

Be aware that it is not the quantity of money you own that counts, but your relative share of money in relation to the global money supply. With Ğ1 currency, we no longer count in quantity but in relative terms. We use a relative unit of money: the daily Universal Dividend (UD)

Universal Dividend (UD) Re-evaluation Mechanism

Every year, there is an increase of around 10% of the money mass of Ğ1s. This increase is echoed on the UD value which increases every 6 months at the equinox. As a consequence, new generations of Ğ1 co-creators will create UDs with a higher Ğ1 value than their past generations did.

Wealth Convergence after 40 Years

The mathematical formula behind the Ğ1 currency’s equal co-creation, results in natural, gradual, wealth convergence between members after 40 years (½ the average human lifespan). This solves many of the limitations that we may encounter in other currencies, especially with the fact that currency circulation is encouraged (you can save your Ğ1s but there’s no incentive to hoard wealth).

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