Support Ğ1 contributors through donations

Donations are a big part of the Ğ1 culture. Actually, nodes forgers and Ğ1 developers are only rewarded through donations. You’ll also find many fundraising campaigns for various projects. Be careful to check correctly who is behind the campaign before donating.

Donations in Ğ1 Currency

Use public keys for donations in Ğ1.

Ğ1 Development Team
Until now (2022), Duniter has been developped only on a voluntary basis, although supported by a Ǧ1 donation fund.
Public key for donations: 78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8

Ğ1 Node Forgers
Ğ1 Currency forger nodes rely on donations from the community.
For Ğ1 donations: TENGx7WtzFsTXwnbrPEvb6odX2WnqYcnnrjiiLvp1mS

Ğ1 Translation Team
The Translation Team is working on making all Ğ1 materials available in English.
Public key for donations: 8MuKsHLP726TgKH4e9t12E1ofT5hero4aZnAFMH2fx8y

Donations in other currencies

Some non-profit organisations help develop Ğ1 and they accept donations in other currencies:
Any help, even small, is welcome.

Give financial support to developers for the V2 of Ğ1 currency

The first Crowndfunding in fiat currency of the Ğ1 history happened in December 2022. The goal was to raise money for developping the V2 of Ğ1 currency blockchain.