Welcome to a vibrant world of pioneers!

Sometimes you’ll hear some Ğ1-users say that Ğ1 is a ‘collective work of art’. And it’s true that a lot of people work on libre/free currencies in general or Ğ1 in particular. it’s a whole symphony playing, with each part having a significant role.
Ğ1's existance today, is thanks to many of these people:

  • Those developing software: you’ll find their names on the Duniter website, aka the driving force of the blockchain: https://duniter.org/fr/
  • Those who validate the blockchain transactions by encoding them into the blockchain https://duniter.org/fr/miner-des-blocs/
  • Those who translate the software
  • Those who write documentation
  • Those who write bug reports
  • Those who develop the economy, and who, by exchanging goods and services, increase the value of Ğ1 and prove on a daily basis that ğ1 currency make exchanges possible. https://www.gchange.fr/#/app/market/lg?last
  • Those who talk about Ğ1 with their friends and family
  • Those who create local groups
  • Those who organise the Ğeconomicus game: http://geconomicus.glibre.org/
  • Those who create funny memes
  • Those who give lectures to explain money creation
  • Those who create educational content online
  • Those who write books
  • Those who create Ğ1 graphic designs
  • Those who provide installations to host some of the content
  • Those that this list has forgotten…

It's up to you!

Ğ1 belongs to nobody.

In fact, if anybody told you this website was the ‘official website’ for free/libre currencies or Ğ1, let’s be straight: free/libre currency or Ğ1 cannot have an ‘official website’, because there’s no governing authority there. Certainly, this website is often the one that comes up on search engines when you type "free currency" or "libre currency", or "Ğ1 currency" but there are other websites talking about free or libre currencies or Ğ1, and they are nothing but less legitimate than this one to do so.

Like for ‘Gilet Jaune’ (the Yellow Vest movement that happened in France), you’ll have certain people trying to register the trademark ‘free currency’ or ‘libre currency’, but they’ll probably get knocked out, because ‘free currency’ is nothing but the association of two common names.

Ğ1 has no head. Ğ1 has no center.

Therefore, you’re free to contribute the way you like, without needing any authorisation for that. If you want to collaborate with others on certain projects, you can come forward on any platform or network where you can find other Ğ1-users: they’ll generally know how to put you in touch with others that will be able to support your intentions.

Forums are a good place to start as you may find a few calls for help to maintain or develop projects in the Ğ1 ecosystem. Feel free to introduce yourself to the community in the dedicated Forum section and let people know how you would like to contribute.

Offer your help on Duniter Forum

Donations are helpful to reward contributors

If you don't know how to contribute yet in the Ğ1 ecosystem, you can make a donation. It's always helpful to reward contributors and help expand Ğ1 and make it more secure.