A node is one of the computers network running the G1 currency blockchain.


The nodes are computers that run the Duniter software, which is managing the Ğ1 blockchain. In 2022, there are around 200 nodes running the G1 blockchain. 

These computers are set up by Ğ1 users or G1 currency co-creator if they choose to do it. They tend to be small devices, most often personal laptop, micro-computers, or even nano computers. (what is the difference between micro-computer and nano?)

Each Duniter Node verifies that each block content respects all the Ğ1 rules. (be nice to know what that involves) The block calculation is designed to last 5 minutes on average. 

Each node holds a private key connected to a Ğ1 wallet.

They are 2 different kind of nodes:

  • "Forgers" nodes: only the nodes connected to a Ğ1 currency co-creator's private key can write a block into the Blockchain;
  • "Mirror" nodes: The nodes with a private key that are not connected to a Ğ1 currency co-creator's private key cannot write into the blockchain. They are only used to communicate with Ğ1 Clients

Currently, the Cesium Client allows you to choose your own Duniter node from a list of Mirror nodes. It's best to choose one that is different from the people in your G1 local community so that the work load can be spread out amongst the available nodes.