Ğ1 Client


The software used by Ğ1 users on their devices.


In computing, a client is an app that you download on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet...). 

For Ğ1 users: 

You must download and use a specific software onto your computer or your smartphone to be able to use Ğ1s. 

There are several Ğ1 Clients:

  • Cesium: this user friendly client is the most used and it is available for almost all operating systems. 
  • Sakia: a little more complex to use and will soon be replaced by Tikka.
  • Silkaj: it is a command-line client.
  • Gecko: not yet available; mostly focused on payments.
  • Tikka: future version of Sakia.

Clients connect directly to nodes.

Ğ1 Clients automatically select a node and connect directly to it. For example, the Cesium app offers users the option to connect to a pre-selected node. This node allocation can be easily changed in the app settings, under 'parameters'. 

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