WoT (Web of Trust)


The Web of Trust is a decentralised system for identity authentification. 


Decentralised system for identity authentification

The goal of the Web of Trust is to authenticate all humans co-creating G1 currency. 

Only a living human being can be a G1 currency co-creator; so they must be authenticated as a living human being. 

A human being can only become a G1 currency co-creator if they are authenticated / identified by at least five other G1 currency co-creators and if they are in line with the Distance Rule of 5 steps. Before this autentification process can occur they must switch one of their simple wallets into a G1 currency co-creator wallet, also called a "Member wallet".

Authentification through certification

The authentification happens through wallet certification.

When a G1 currency co-creator can authenticate someone as a unique and living human being, they can certify that persons wallet. 

This entails that the G1 currency co-creator knows this person for real, and is able to recognise them and communicate and connect with them outside of the G1 network.

This certification is only valid for two years (730 days and 12 hours). It can be renewed as many time as you want, or not. 

Certification limitations

Each G1 currency co-creator can have a maximum of 100 certifications given out currently active at once, and can only give out a certification every 5 days. 

Each certification is valid for 2 years. All certifications given out over 2 years ago are not counted in the limit of 100 certifications. 

So each G1 currency co-creator can give out 100 certifications on 2 sliding years

Adhesion (Membership ????)

The adherence/Membership happens when someone is switching his simple wallet into a G1 currency co-creator wallet. 

To be able to remain a G1 currency co-creator, you have to renew your adhesion within a timeline of 365 days and 6 hours from the last renewal date (press the dedicated button in your wallet on your client app - Cesium is currently in 2022 the most usedlink). 

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