Free / Libre Currency


The concept supporting the Ğ1 Currency.


The Ğ1 currency is the worlds first Free / Libre Currency; which means it's an ethical currency designed in accordance with the Relative Theory of Money.   

Inspired by the Four Essential Freedoms of the Free Libre Open Source Software movement (FOSS or FLOSS), which respects the users' basic software freedoms to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software; Ğ1 currency is designed to respect basic economic freedoms.

Libre is the French or Spanish word for free, and is borrowed to show that Ğ1 currency is free as in freedom (not as in free beer). Even though you won't have to buy Ğ1s, it doesn't necessary mean that it is free, as it's recommended that invest your time and energy developing and participating in Ğ1 markets in your area.

Learn more on why it's called this way on this FAQ