RTM (Relative Theory of Money)


An economic theory used as the monetary policy of the G1 currency. 


A theory and a book

The theory backing the economic policy of the Ğ1 Currency is called the Relative Theory of Money. It was written by Stéphane Laborde in his book "The Relative Theory of Money".

The theory

It is based on 4 axioms: the 4 economical freedoms: 

  • The freedom of choice of one’s monetary system
  • The freedom to access resources
  • The freedom to evaluate and produce any economic value
  • The freedom to exchange and determine prices

To stick to these 4 basic economic freedoms, this theory describes the money creation in the form of a Universal Dividend (UD), which is based on the following mathematical calculation: UD = c x (M/N).

The Universal Dividend (UD) is a portion (c) of the monetary mass per individual (M/N).

The book

The book is available online either for sale or freely on this site : https://en.trm.creationmonetaire.info/