What's the advantage to become a referent ?



Referent is a G1 co-creator who has reached a certain level of connections through certifications in the web of trust. G1 co-creators identified as referents have no more rights, no more privileges. They aren't necessarily knowledgeable people for the G1 currency neither. 

We can only assume they are more active in the web of trust, because they received and gave a certain number of certifications. 

Referents is a status that is used in the system to calculate the "Distance Rule" in the web of trust. The Distance Rule is being measured thanks to the certifications that have been emitted by the G1 co-creators. So if someone hasn't yet emitted certifications, his profile won't be used to calculate the Distance in the web of trust. To measure the Distance Rule, the software use only people who have emitted and received a certain amount of certifications (those falling in that category being called "Referents").

See in the vocabulary section to know the amount of certifications needed to become a referent (it changes over time as the size and structure of the web of trust evolves).