Referent member


G1 co-creators who have given and received a certain minimum number of certifications.


What is the role of a Referent Member?

A Referent Member doesn't have to do anything else than other G1 Currency co-creators. The only reason a Referent Member exists is to calculate the distance rule

Who are the Referent Members?

Referent members are the most active and connected people in the Web of Trust. They are G1 co-creators who have received and given a certain number of certifications. Currently, in 2022, this number is a minimum of 6 certifications given and 6 certifications received.

How much certifications do I need to be a Referent Member ? 

The minimum number of certifications given and received needed to be considered as a referent member is evolving as the Web of Trust evolves and grows. There is a mathematical formula that is calculating what this number is.

Simply put, this figure, Y, is calculated by getting the total number of G1 co-creators in the Web of Trust (N) to the power of 1/5, rounded to the upper integer:

Y[N] = ceiling(Nˆ(1/5))


  • Y or Y[N] = Minimum number of received and sent certifications required to be a Referent
  • N = Total number of G1 co-creators in the Web of Trust
  • Ceiling = Function for rounding a number to the nearest upper integer


  • If there are between 1024 and 3125 G1 co-creators, then to be considered as a Referent Member, you need to have given and received at least 5 certifications currently valid. Why? Because for 1024 < N ≤ 3125, we get Y[N] = 5 and because 5ˆ5 = 3125.
  • For 7776 < N ≤ 16807 we get Y[N] = 7
  • For 59049 < N ≤ 100000 we get Y[N] = 10

That's because, by applying the formula Y[N] = (Nˆ(1/5)) (rounded up to nearest integer), we can multiply both sides of the '=' by 1ˆ5, which results in; Y*1ˆ5 = Nˆ(1/5)*1ˆ5       =>      Yˆ5 = N.

This equation allows us to find the limiting values of N, for each integer value for Y, as follows:

  • 5ˆ5 = 3125
  • 6ˆ5 = 7776
  • 7ˆ5 = 16807
  • 9ˆ5 = 59049
  • etc.