What is the member or file quality level?

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Member quality level or file quality level is a figure that represents how connected each G1 co-creator is to the rest of the network of G1 co-creators. The quality level is found by calculating the distance rule in the web of trust.

Depending on the G1 tools or software you are using, the quality level is labelled either as a number between 0 and 1,25 or as a percentage between 0 and 100 (where 80% = 1 and 100% = 1,25).

File Quality Level

The file level of a G1 newcomer is calculated using the number of referent G1 members that are located within less than 5 steps of this newcomer. 

As a newcomer, to become a G1 co-creator, you must have a file quality above 1 (or above 80%). This file quality level is verified at each membership renewal (every year). Someone who doesn't reach this file level, won't be able to become a G1 co-creator or will loose their status as a member, after their membership renewal.

This can happen if one of their certifiers that has a good file quality level loses their status as a member. In this case, this person will then have to find other certifiers, if they want to keep their G1 co-creator status.

It's possible to check the quality of a newcomer file on g1-monit. This quality level is called "distance" in the wotwizard website; wotwizard-ui, a very useful tool.

Member Quality

The member quality level of a G1 user is calculated using the number of referent members located within less than 4 steps from that person. 

If a G1 newcomer is certified by a member with a file quality level of 1 (or 80%) or more, he or she will automatically have the required file quality level needed to become a G1 co-creator, no matter the file quality level of their other certifiers. 

Having a certifier with a good file quality level (of 1 or more) is enough to have a good quality level that respects the distance rule, therefore to become a G1 co-creator, but it's not an absolute necessity. When your certifiers have a poor file quality level, you can still have a file quality level that is higher than 1, if your certifiers are from various places or various local groups of G1 users.

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