NLC (Non-Libre Currency) or NLU (Non-Libre Units)


Money from a non-libre currency system.


Non-Libre Currencies or Non-Libre Units refer to all currencies that don't follow the 4 basic economical freedoms defined in the Relative Theory of Money:

  • The freedom of choice of one’s monetary system
  • The freedom to access resources
  • The freedom to evaluate and produce any economic value
  • The freedom to exchange and determine prices

It often refers to all fiat currencies (that are issued by countries) and all other currencies that are not created in equal parts by all its users. 

The names of other currencies are rarely used, as we don't want to promote their use. 

Example: The term NLEU (Non-Libre European Unit) is used to refer to the fiat currency from the Euro zone. 

[note Hugo] I would add that a Non-Libre Currency breaks spatial or temporal symmetry [end note Hugo]