How can I meet Ğ1 users?

Category Getting Started with Ğ1

Several solutions are available to you:

Solution n°1: Attend the meetings

Most of the meetings are indicated on the map (as the map is only available in French for now, check the box "Évènements", which shows events added on the Forum) and on the calendar of the forum

In order not to miss a meeting, you can follow the category corresponding to your region and thus receive a notification for each new event happening. You can also look at the pinned message in English, or your region's category on the Forum, as there might be some links and a mailing list you could sign up to. 

You can read this tutorial that someone made for the Brittany Region in France: Comment ne pas rater une rencontre? (not available in English yet, so you can use an online translator to get the message in English)

See also: what do I do if I am alone

Solution n°2: Reach out to your local group

Sometimes Ğ1 users organise themselves into a "local group". A "local group" is simply a group of human beings who choose, on their own, to use one or more tools to communicate with each other and organise meetings.

The chosen ways to communicate varies from one group to another; It could be:

  • A mailing list.
  • A group on social media (Facebook group, Discord channel, Telegram Group, a forum).
  • A website dedicated to their local group.
  • Or using the Ğ1 currency forum (forum monnaie libre), which has various categories, where you can search by region or by language.

You can also see on the map the events organised in your area. 

The different communication channels of the local groups are frequently indicated on the forum in the topic pinned at the top of the local group category, corresponding to your region or language. If this is not the case, feel free to add them yourself when you discover new ones.

Solution n°3: Reach out to the members living near you

The Cesium application has a directory which allows you to find members who live near you and allows you to contact them with the built-in messaging system: 

  • In Cesium, go to the Registry tab on the left hand side and then to the small Map option (it's more convenient to do it on your computer than on your mobile).
  • You can also look at the map online and find Ğ1 users near you, but you will not be able to log in to your account to send them a message. This map is only available in French for now, so click on the blue button "Afficher les membres" to show all Ğ1 users on the map (all those that have shared their location on their account). The grey dots are basic Ğ1 users ("Comptes Portefeuille"), and the blue dots are Ğ1 co-creators ("Membres Certifiés").