What can I do if I am alone?

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Build a community

Money is a means of exchange first. So, if you are alone, Ğ1 currency will be of no use for you. You must be in a group of people to be able to trade good and services.

Expand your network

Even without going out to meet people in person, you can participate in conference calls. You can find up coming calls on the Forum, in the English section, or in the Forum Calendar. 

By participating to these calls, you will learn more about Ğ1 currency and money, and you will meet other Ğ1 users. 

You won't be certified that way, but when you attend meetings, you will recognise people and be recognised by people. This will greatly support your certification process, especially if you also talk with these people on the phone and by e-mail. 

Getting to know people that live far from you will improve your file quality level for the certification process. 

Attract Ğ1 users

You can also offer goods and services on Gchange, and if some Ğ1 users are interested in buying them, you will receive your first Ğ1s and you will be able to circulate it back into your local community.  

If you have room for it, you can also offer accommodation on Airbnjune. This is a very good way to attract Ğ1 users in your region / city. 

Spread the word

If you don't know anyone in the Ğ1 community, find a way to meet some Ğ1 users and convince your friends and family to use it. 

You can talk about it to your friends and local associations such as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups, CES (Community Exchange Systems), etc. as these groups gather a lot of people who are already aware of the issues within the current capitalist system.

You can organise meetings near you as well as share them on the Forum. Start by organising those in public spaces: bars, parks, etc. You likely won't have the answers to all the questions, but that will be a good way to create connections between people which will also ease the future certification process. You can mention the existence of the conference calls, where people can find answers to their questions.  

And with this small group, you can organise a ride share to go to other meetings further and meet more people including those you met during the conference calls. 

How can I be informed of upcoming meetings

You can read this tutorial that someone made for the Brittany Region in France: 

Comment ne pas rater une rencontre? (not available in English yet, so you can use online automatic tools to translate)

You can also look at the pinned message in the English, or your region's category on the Forum, as there might be some links and a mailing list you could register to. 

It will take some time

Don't get discouraged. There might be only 2 people at your first Ğ-event, but that will be the first step of spreading the word locally, that something great is happening. It will take some time before you can get 10 people showing up to your meetings. You guys will be pioneers. Good luck!

Or, you patiently wait for other people do all this work for you (which will take even more time).