How do I become a Ğ1 currency co-creator?

Category Getting Started with Ğ1

No rush.

You can exchange Ğ1 even when you are not co-creating money. You just need to open a wallet and start selling goods and services in Ğ1. That way you will receive some Ğ1 from these exchanges and you will be able to use them to buy goods and services. 

The most important thing is to develop the use of Ğ1 and its community, more than to create it.

First you need to meet Ğ1 users

To become Ğ1 Currency Co-creator, you must be identified as a unique living human being by some Ğ1 Co-creators who know you. The best way to know someone is to meet that person several times.

So, first you need to participate in Ğevents (meet ups) to meet people, chat and exchange things. 

When Ğ1 Co-creators know you, they will often spontaneously offer, or you can ask them, to certify your account. 

Commit to adhere to the licence

As a future Ğ1 Currency Co-creator, you must take some time to read and have a perfect understanding of the Ğ1 licence.

You must commit to adhere to it and make sure people around you apply this licence. You will especially commit to not certify or re-certify someone who is not respecting or applying the Ğ1 licence correctly.

5 certifications and rule of distance

To become a Ğ1 Co-creator, you must have received 5 certifications on your account and respect the distance rule. 

It is recommended to have met at least 5 Ğ1 Co-creators who offered/promised to certify your account before you even start the process to become a co-creator. 

To make sure you follow the distance rule, it's advised to meet people from various communities. If your certifiers are part of the same social circle, you may not be well enough connected within the Ğ1 web of trust. So keep meeting more people from the Ğ1 community to strengthen your network.

Keep getting involved in the community

Being a Ğ1 Co-creator isn't an end in itself. It's just a step. Once you are certified, it's important to keep getting involved by participating in Ğevents, circulating the money in the system, meeting more co-creators and exchanging certifications to strengthen the web of trust.