What do I have to check before giving a certification to someone?

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The respect of the Ğ1 license

It’s important to respect the license so that Ğ1 stays trustworthy, because it’s trust that gives 'value' to a money.

So you must ensure that the person has actually read and understood the license.

To know the person

It’s up to each person to decide what 'knowing' someone means. You’ll find many clues in the license.

The main goal is to make sure that if in doubt, you can check that the person doesn’t own two Ğ1 co-creating accounts.

To make sure they master their account

You have to be certain that the person knows how to connect to their account. The simplest way is to send them some Ğ1 and ask them to send it back or transfer the Ğ1 into an account of their choice.

If they can’t do it, don’t certify them straight away, instead try to remedy the situation with them.

The revocation file

So far there’s a bug that prevents one from uploading the revocation file from a mobile phone.

If the person doesn’t know where to find the revocation file, don’t give them a certification right away, but help them upload and save this document.

If someone is already a member

There are too many trusting without checking for themselves.

You will maybe discover that this person doesn’t know where they have saved their revocation file, or that there are gaps in their understanding of the license.

Quality over quantity.

It’s better to have a small web of big trust than a big web of small trust.

There’s no hurry to become a Ğ1 co-creator. The most important thing is to understand how the Ğ1 currency works. If a person regularly participates in the meetings and markets, they will become well-known, making many new friends and companions and will have no problem finding their certifications.


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