What happens when a G1 currency co-creator passes away?

Category Understanding the basics

If the person who passed away didn't leave its account identifiers and password to his or her heir, the money will stay on the account.

Memberships must be renewed every year by G1 currency co-creators (by clicking on a button in their account in the app they utilise), so their account keeps creating money. When a person passes away, his or her account will automatically stop creating money once the annual membership renewal date is passed (in less than a year after this person has passed away), as that person won't be able to renew their membership. 

If his or her heir has access to the account, they can transfer the money remaining in the account to their own account and then revoke the deceased person's account, in keeping with the G1 license agreement. 

Thanks to the Universal Dividend, from a quantitative perspective, the quantity of money keeps growing exponentially in the system. 

The money created by dead people's accounts keeps becoming a smaller share of the existing money mass, until it becomes an insignificant share in about 40 years after their death (in a situation of full currency). 

This graph shows the money creation share evolution of a co-creator who dies at the age of 80 years old in comparison with his money mass.