Public Key


The public key is a significant aspect of the libre currency. It guarantees the transparency and the security of the system all in one.

When creating a new account (either a simple wallet or a member wallet), you're asked to provide 2 private keys (that are called secret identifier and password, to use common language, but they are actually far more than that). From these 2 keys, the bot working the app will create a brand new unique public key.

You're the only person to have access to the 2 private keys. Keep them safe, and choose words or whole phrases/song lines etc., that are not easy to guess, so that your cesium account is well secured.

But everyone else has access to your public key. This is the key/code/string of characters, that you'll be asked for when someone wants to exchange Ğ1 with you. They need your public key in order to make a transaction with you.

This key is a complicated list of letters and numbers, and it's a good idea to never try to type it sign by sign, but instead always to copy-paste the whole string of characters. A single error in this key will lead to you not receiving the Ğ1 you deserve in exchange for whatever item or service you were trading.

Similarly, if you want to give Ğ1 to anyone, you'll be using their public key, that they can forward/send you from their cesium account using any messaging/email service.

There are other ways to give Ğ1. Someone who's a member could give you their identifier and you would be able to find them on cesium. But as the public key really is unique, you're advised to have at least the 1st 8 figures or so from their public key so you're sure you're giving your Ğ1 to the right person.

Anyone's public key can give you access to their cesium account as a visitor. You can see their transactions, balance, if this is a member account or not, the certifications they have received and given… Ğ1 is a transparent system. There's nothing to hide.


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