Wouldn't it be better to abolish money?

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This is not an easy question to answer, as ones stance on money is a very personal perspective.

In small communities, even when there’s no use of money, it’s rare that people don’t keep account of things (transactions/trades). Some communities say they live 'without money', but there tends to be some 'accounting' happening (unless they are a amazingly connected to themselves, each other and the environment around them), at least in each person's mind/memory. These kind of 'no money' communities exist in very peculiar conditions: they are generally very small and isolated from the rest of the world, for example geographically. Between neighbours, reciprocity can prevail. In the same way, it can be common in the countryside, that we do favours between neighbours. But, if you dare say thanks, there are places you’ll probably be told that: 'there’s no need to say thanks'. Because saying 'thanks' is a way to liquidate a debt (this is a perspective some hold). In the countryside, it’s often seen that 'one good turn deserves another'.

Money: source of the evil?

Ideally, money should only be a means to measure exchanges, in a totally neutral way. And that’s what Ğ1 currency does!

It’s probably not the experience you’ve had so far, but if you tell a Ğ1-co-creator that money destroys everything, they’ll probably answer that: it depends on the monetary system.

It can be seen in our society that someone would be ready to put their conscience aside to earn/receive money, when the system of debt-money they live in can create such a strong sense of lack.

An effective way to exchange value

It's also important to acknowledge the obvious benefit of money, not only within ones local community, as a means of buying and selling goods and services which hold value, but also in the wider world, where one can instantly send Ğ1 to any part of the world, using a Ğ1 client like the cesium app, and one can receive in exchange for this money, any variety of goods or services. An exchange that would be difficult to make without some form of money to put value on the transaction. An advancement in this technological age that we can often take for granted!


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