Is Ğ1 an energy chasm?

Category Technology and security of the system

The servers that manage the money work very well on Raspberry Pi type computers of modest size, a nano-computer that consumes a very humble 5W of electricity (similar to charging ones phone).

That makes Ğ1 a very low-tech currency with regard to energy consumption. It is far less energy consuming than the creation of euros, and it is even more energy efficient when compared to BTC, and other proof of work cryptocurrencies, where vast computing power is required to mine or create the new BTC into circulation. This excessive requirement of computing, brute force energy to solve the BTC mining algorithm, does make BTC the most secure and un-hackable blockchain there is, but this comes at the cost of consuming about 0.5% of the global electrical production.


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le 05.10.2022 à 12:09:56
Translated by Aurélie
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