How do I revoke my account?

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Revoking one's account only applies to member accounts, which means accounts co-creating currency.

To revoke one’s account means it will no longer co-create currency or be able to give and receive certifications.

There’s no point in revoking an account that’s not creating currency (i.e. a simple wallet), and the option is not available for simple wallets. The only benefit would be for that cesium will prevent any certification to be given to this account, if a revocation demand is pending for it.

How to revoke an account?

  • Open Cesium
  • Go to My Account
  • Then choose Options
  • Finally choose revoke membership

This is a useful process if you think that your ID and password may have been stolen or hacked, or if you think they are not secure enough, or if you want to change your nickname, i.e. your Duniter identifier.

Another way to revoke an account is by following the Forgot password? link, which is found on the log in screen. Clicking on this link will give you the option to either:

  • recover my password (if you’ve created a save my credentials file), or
  • revoke my member account (using your revocation file).


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