What can I do if I don't have a smartphone?

Category Technology and security of the system

If you have a computer

When you are at home, you can manage your account/wallet with your computer with a dedicated desktop app

When you are outside and you are selling things in Ğ1 at a Ğ-market, you just have to print your QR-code wallet to receive payments. To do so, go in your desktop Cesium app, click on the QR-code to increase its size, do a screenshot and print it (you can crop it before printing). 

If you don't have a printer, you can ask someone or a print shop to do it for you. You can make a few copies as it might be useful. 

When you are outside and you want to buy something, you have two options:

  • Show the seller that they can trust you, give them your contact information (email and phone number), or ask them to search for you on the Cesium app and send you a message with their public key (never hand write a public key, as there is a high chance you'll make a mistake). Then, you will pay him once you are back home on your desktop Cesium app.
  • Print some bills. This means to create a few simple wallets that you credit with some UDs or Ğ1s. Then print these paper 'bills', which contain the specific simple wallets identification information, and the amount of money on the paper bills that you will distribute to the seller (see examples of French bills here or here). The seller will then be able to access the Ğ1s and transfer it to the wallet of their choice. Be careful to never print the same bill twice. It's a little bit technical so you might want to get some help from a tech friend. 

If you don't have a computer

A computer is necessary to create and manage your Ğ1 wallets. Try to see if a local non-profit, a friend or family can help you. 

Although, be aware that when you enter identification and password information on someone else's computer, you must trust this person and that their computer is protected from hackers. Never enter these pieces of information if you are not sure of the computers security.