Co-create G1 currency every day

  Anchored to human participation instead of debt, members receive a small amount of Ğ1 currency daily, automatically and unconditionally, through a "trust-free" co-creation mechanism.
("Trust-free" = no third party is needed to administer it: no one controls it and no one can impose conditions on others.)
This small daily amount is called the "universal dividend" or "UD".
  This is different from the concept of "basic revenue" or "universal income", which is usually administered by a third party (eg. government, company, NGO) which has centralized control over money distribution and therefore must be trusted, and may impose conditions to gain access to the money, or may withhold it, based on profile or behaviour.

In addition to receiving a daily universal dividend (UD) in Ğ1, you can trade products and services; give and receive donations in recognition of value contributed; and make a living.