Isn't it a little bit utopian ?


Ğ1 is a practical experimentation. 

Ğ1 has been around for a while, and has already impacted a lot of people's lives, sometimes in a negative way (reason to share this??), but most of the time in a positive way. 

Some people have been too involved and too quickly and have been deceived. 

Others believed at first that Ğ1 was a scam, but out of curiosity they tried it out and ended up exchanging a lot of things, meeting a lot of people and are really glad to have found Ğ1.

Let's allow some time for it to grow. 

Of course, the Ğ1 project will need a lot of time to gain popularity, trust and adoption. It's a project in which developers work with a very long term vision (several generations). 

Meanwhile, Ğ1 users are already changing the world, one exchange at a time.