Isn't it a little bit utopian?

Category Understanding the basics

Ğ1 is a practical experimentation

Ğ1 has been around for a while, and has already impacted many people's lives. Some people have been deceived or misguided by diving in too fast before following some simple steps that help us to get the most out of this system and community. On the most part, the vast majority of people who commit to Ğ1 have a very positive outcome.

Others believed at first that Ğ1 was a scam, but out of curiosity they tried it out and ended up exchanging a lot of things, meeting a lot of people and are really glad to have found Ğ1.

Let's allow some time for it to grow

Of course, the Ğ1 project will need a lot of time to gain popularity, trust and adoption. It's a project in which developers work with a very long term vision (several generations). 

Meanwhile, Ğ1 users are already changing the world, one exchange at a time.