The process where by one Ğ1 user vouches for another Ğ1 user.


It's how you become a Ğ1 co-creator. 

To enter the web of trust and become a Ğ1 co-creator, an account must get 5 certifications and follow a particular set of rules. Once this account is certified, it can then certify other accounts, within specific rules and frequency. 

Peer-to-peer (p2p) digital identification 

This is a way to verify people's identity to ensure that a person creates one, and only one, share of the currency.

The web of trust is created by and dependent upon, this human trustworthy verification process called certification. By certifying an account, each member of the web is attesting to and confirming the link between a physical person and a digital identity.

The web of trust (WoT) provides a clever solution inspired by social graph theory, by using the links between its members as proof of identity. This p2p identification therefore makes it possible to eliminate the need for a central authority (in charge of verifying each beings identify), while maintaining a thorough system of identify validation within the system based on trust.