Can I get rich with G1?

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It depends what you mean by getting rich.

It's definitely not a currency to speculate with as there is no official platform to exchange your Ğ1s for fiat currencies (yet).

There are also a lot of differences in Ğ1 prices for things we buy and sell in various locations. For example, buying cheese in Auvergne (good cheese region in France) is cheaper than buying some in Paris as it is more difficult to find some in Ğ1 in Paris. 

You can see Ğ1 Currency as a good complementary currency to exchange things that you would other wise have exchanged with fiat currency. So in that way you can get richer and have more fiat currency to use for stuff you can't find in Ğ1.  

There is no financial investment needed to join Ğ1 Currency. It's free to create a Ğ1 Currency wallet, and you can create money as soon as you are certified by other members of the WoT. 

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