Welcome on this website

If you filled the form to join the team, admins have been notified. We are going to give you access to the modification of this website.
But first you can practice here how to modify a page.

Sand Box

Here are your challenge

1) first challenge => write in this page
  • Cick on "edit this page" (bottom) or double click in the page,
  • page look will slightly change because you are in edit mode
  • write anything here =>
  • then click on "save" (top left corner) and enjoy your work

2) second challenge => add a button
  • Cick on "edit this page" (bottom) or double click in the page,
  • Place your mouse here =>
  • click on components / buttons and follow instructions,
  • click on "insert in the page",
  • save
    • you can explore the other components if you like

3) third challenge => modify your button
  • Go to edit mode,
  • click on the line where there is the code of your button (starting with {{button}})=> a small pen appears on the left margin,
  • click on this small pen and change parameters,
  • click on "update code"
  • save
    • This modification step will work with all the other kinds of components.

4) Forth challenge => Find the name of a page
  • Look at the Url of this page
  • the name of this page is the word located after the ?

5) And lastly => restaure the previous version of a page (in case of preference or in case of mistake)
  • click in bottom of the page, on "Modified on April 16th 2022"
  • choose one of the older versions,
  • click on "restaure this version"
  • And your are done!

A good help tool is at your disposal when you click on "Reminder ?" in the top right corner when you are in edit mode.